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We have some of the best equipment in Europe,
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We welcome industry professionals and Young
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Mixed academic-industry teams lead to
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  • Infrastructure partners in your consortium
  • Solving your Research Challenge with expert support
  • Applying basic research to your development work
  • Customisation
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  • Hands-on solving your Technological Challenge
  • Generating new product ideas
  • Developing prototypes
  • Testing and improving
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  • Open access for knowledge exchange
  • Wider creative engagement
  • Potential of our discoveries for society
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  • Importance of mixed academic-industry teams
  • Open access with a flexible and proactive attitude
  • Beyond one Institution
  • Developing future potential
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Through excellence in expertise and service adapted to partner needs, we are providing expert assistance in materials science, optoelectronics, nanotechnology, and quantum technology.

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We performed analysis of square pillars, which were made with photolithography technique from SU-8 photoresist for potential future use in microfluidic systems. Thickness of this specific sample was 100 µm. We use this kind of photoresist for different types of applications such as microelectronics industry, ...

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Nanograffiti route: Mine is smaller then yours

The Slovenian artist Name: had a goal: to make the smallest graffiti in the world, better known as nanograffiti. His solo work spreads across various places in Europe. He sought cooperation with both local and international artists for the ten pieces in Eindhoven. The ten ultra-small graffiti artworks are ...

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Cross-section and surface analysis of paper material

On the surface, we can determine the homogeneity of the coating, the size, and morphology of the particles, and their chemical composition (coating and pigment particles). The cross-section can determine the thickness of the paper and coated layers on both sides, particle size, morphology, and their chemical ...

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The study of the Ce inhibitor/substrate mechanism

The main goal was to determine the composition of aluminium alloy 7075-T6, initial corrosion in corrosive media and difference in the formation of the protective film in the presence of corrosion inhibitor, i. e., different cerium salts. Microstructural characterisation (the presence of intermetallic ...

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The Carniolan Bee House (CBH) was opened in Višnja gora last November

In cooperation with the company Art Rebel 9, which created an adventure exhibition about the Carniolan bee for CBH. We captured a series of images of this honey-bearing insect with a scanning electron microscope at the Nanocenter. Among other things, we also captured footage of the varroa (Varroa destructor), a ...

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Analysis of illumination

The company wanted to check the lighting parameters. As part of this project, we approached consulting the company by illuminating thin slices with a light-sensitive polymer photo frameable material. The lighting was done in the shape of a pyramid, with patterns of horizontal and vertical lines. Differences ...

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Our clients about us

Similar to our activities that aim to largely direct environmentally friendly technologies and products, Helios finds a common interest with the Nanocenter in acceleration progress. Both teams bring together a critical mass of researchers and equipment and develop a faster route in promising areas of advancement

Peter Venturini, Helios TBLUS

In almost all ways, we seek for new knowledge, which can be used in new products. We acquired in-depth knowledge of the science as well as technology for LCD manufacturing. With Nanocenter we have the ability to develop proprietary technological processes and make selections of most suitable materials.

Bojan Marin, Balder

Since nanotechnology does not limit itself to a single area of usage, we see ourselves expanding our expertise to better understanding the world around us. We look forward with excitement to all the ways that nanoscience and its corresponding advances shape our future.

Marjan Bele, National Institute of Chemistry


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