Quantum Technologies (QT) are based upon a set of subjects of modern quantum physics: quantum many-body physics and its connections with quantum information theory; physics of quantum computing in specific devices (superconducting qubits, photonics, cold atoms and ions); quantum analogue simulators;  physics of quantum nanostructures, new quantum materials (topological superconductors and insulators, Weyl materials, electronic crystals, etc),  nano-electronics (single-electron and single-photon detectors, nano-SQUIDS, etc), fast superconducting devices (see full list of research directions here).

Early start of research training in the most advanced laboratories will allow fast professional development after PhD either in academic sector or in QT-oriented high-tech companies.

QT Future initiative is supported by University of Ljubljana, Josef Stefan Institute and Nanocenter jointly with Public Scolarship, Development, Disability and Maintenance Fund of the Republic of Slovenia.

Research work of PhD students can be arranged either in Ljubljana or in external research units.

PhD education supported by QT Future will supplement a general program of  Physics PhD at Ljubljana University by a number of additional courses; part of them will be given in the form of Summer School 2024 to be held in Ljubljana.