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  • Highly specialized equipment
  • A dedicated team that operates and maintains the equipment
  • Industry solutions and scientific research projects (examples)
  • Open access with a flexible and proactive attitude

Manufacturing technologies for nanotechnology are very diverse. The most important are nanolithographic processing methods and technologies, which directly lead to industrial processes. This type of equipment is developing very rapidly and part of the activity in this Nanocenter is the development of a new and very competitive optical nanolithography (ONL) technology based on published multi-color laser techniques (three papers in Science, May 15, 2009).

The processing pilot line in the cleanroom facility in Nanocenter is dedicated to:

  • nanoelectronics, molekular elektronics  devices for nanoelectronics
  • functional nanostructures in nanocomposites
  • nanostructured surfaces
  • multilayer nanostructures
  • fotocatalitic materials
  • one-dimensional material (mainly inorganic nanotubes in nanowires)
  • hybrid materials,
  • thin film devices (MEMS, NEMS),
  • molecular tehnologies,
  • technologies at the level of single atoms in molecules,
  • bionanosensors,
  • nanocomposites in nanoparticles,
  • nanocoatings on surfaces,
  • nanocomposite hard coatings,
  • nanostructures in holographic document protection.

Equipment for processing

Atomic Layer Deposition - ALD

ALD System TFS 200
Manufacturer: Beneq Oy
Year: 2013

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Focused Ion Beam

Helios Nanolab 650
Manufacturer: Keithley Instruments Inc.
Year: 2010

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