One of the basic goals of Nanocenter is to achieve a sustainable model of financing research infrastructure which combines state-of-the-art, multi-institutional basic research and industrial measurements with high professional qualifications and competitive equipment. In this way we will achieve better professional support for users, muliply effects of funding instruments and expand the circle of users and connections between academia and industry.

In Assesment of Impact  we show that beyond scientific impact, the investment in the Nanocenter is overwhelmingly beneficial to society as a whole through the establishment of new industrially relevant technologies, new projects and highly skilled jobs coming from increased competitiveness on the international level. Remarkably, the Nanocenter can also show direct measurable fiscal and multiplicative economic benefits which overwhelmingly justify the original investment.

Establishing a sustainable model of procurement, maintainance, support and use of shared equipment will enable long term planning of wo – rk and procurement of equipment.

Nanocenter equipment