With a background in various material analysis and industrial failure inspection, Gregor received his MSc (Eng.) in Nanosciences and Nanotechnology from the Jožef Stefan International Postgraduate School in 2019. His master study, in collaboration with National Institute of Chemistry, Nanocenter, University of Ljubljana and Jožef Stefan Institute, was focused on quantitative three-dimensional microstructural analysis of porous nanocomposites for solid oxide fuel cells. Afterwards he enrolled in PhD study of Chemical Engineering at Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology at University of Ljubljana.
His ongoing PhD is focused on preparation of nano sized solid state battery, by focused ion beam (FIB) microscope, followed by in situ electro-chemical measurements within transmission electron microscope.

Gregor joined Nanocenter in 2015 due to his expert knowledge on SEM and FIB microscopy as caretaker of the FIB Helios Nanolab equipment and he also became responsible for educating and offering support to new FIB operators. Upgrading his competences on several advanced FIB trainings abroad he became a specialist in advanced FIB applications. In 2016, he started controlling the FIB instrument by his own programmed code and developed a fully automated dynamical milling and imaging algorithm for high-resolution 3D data acquisition.
In 2018 he established a new 3D material characterization field in Slovenia by using a dual beam FIB microscope.
Gregor has a huge passion in observing all kind of materials from micro- and nano- perspective throughout electron microscopy. He built his professional career in electron microscopy by constantly educating himself in advanced SEM and FIB-SEM techniques while he was involved in numerous research activities and various industry projects.

Yes, Gregor has a life outside the lab! Most of his free time he spends with his family, recreation in nature and reading books. He is a sport enthusiast: his favorite sports include bicycling, hitchhiking, swimming, and ball dancing. He reached 6th club level in standard and Latino dancing, so put on your dancing shoes!

Trained for the following equipment:

  • FIB-SEM Helios Nanolab 650 (Thermo Fisher), Nanocenter
  • UHR-SEM Verios G4 HP (Thermo Fisher), CEMM IJS
  • HR-SEM Supra 35 VP (Zeiss), National institute of Chemistry
  • HR-SEM Ultra+ (Zeiss), Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, University of Ljubljana
Gregor Kapun

SEM and FIB microscopy