Dragan is one of the founders of Nanocenter and a true ambassador of Open Access Research Infrastructure in Slovenia.

He is a world leading researcher in the field is time-resolved spectroscopy in complex condensed matter with major original contributions in a number of fields in condensed matter physics and physics of materials, including high temperature superconductors, molecular magnetism and low-dimensional nanomaterials, particularly nanowires. More recently he has initiated work on quantum computation memory devices. His current interest is focused in the study of phase transitions in rapidly evolving systems and the creation of new exotic states of matter under controlled non-equilibrium conditions.
Employment: Currently position: research advisor at the Institute “Jožef Stefan” (IJS), Head of Department of Complex Matter. He leads a research group in experimental physics of dynamics of complex and quantum materials and a director of Centre of Excellence for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology – Nanocenter.

Leader of many of national and international projects and collaborations. In 2013 he was the first to be awarded an ERC advanced grant in Slovenia (AdG ERC), and in 2017 he was awarded an ERC PoC grant. Nanocenter offered research equipment support and expertise for both ERC projects.

Dragan Mihailović

Founder, leading researcher