Program leader: prof. Dragan Mihailović,

Duration:  01.01.2022 – 31.12.2027, ARRS (I0-0053)

The basic goals of the program are to achieve a sustainable model of financing state-of-the-art research infrastructure in Slovenia, which combines state-of-the-art, multi-institutional basic research and industrial measurements with high professional qualifications and competitive equipment. In this way, we will achieve better professional support for users, greater administrative and technical efficiency and expand the circle of users.

National Research Infrastructure Center in the field of nanotechnology and materials (IP Nanocenter) is based on harmonized content implemented at Center of Excellence in nanoscience and nanotechnology (Nanocenter, and Center of Excellence for Low-Carbon Technologies (CO NOT,

As part of the development strategy, the support activities of the center take place on two levels (1) support for own research activities (ARRS, EU and ERC projects, industry) and (2) support for research activities of other ROs (especially JSI, KI and UniLJ).

The overarching themes of the proposed infrastructure program are:

– state-of-the-art microscopy (FIB, AR-STEM, 4probe UHV STM), which is in common use (i.e. multiuser facility)

– clean rooms for electronic prototyping and quantum devices in common use (i.e. multiuser facility)

– infrastructural support of computer simulation in the field of process and materials optimization (which is now extending to quantum computing simulations).

The scope of activities of the proposed infrastructure program includes support activities in the field of microscopy of electronic, quantum nano- and other functional materials, new batteries, new electrocatalysts for energy conversion, nanotechnology and various quantum technologies. The key objectives of the proposed infrastructure program are:

– offering and managing state-of-the-art multiuser facility to users from different sectors and institutions

– implementation of a public service in the field of research activity in support of own research activity and support of research activity of other ROs

– increasing the attractiveness of Slovenia for young highly capable talents

– connection with other domestic infrastructure programs (JSI, KI, Uni) and international infrastructure networks (eg NFFA, ESFRI) in areas where we are internationally competitive (4-probe STM, quantum devices, laser lithography)

– to make an impact on the future development of high technology research areas and promotion of new research areas in Slovenia

– accelerated cooperation between science and industry according to the principle of “Proof of Concept” projects, as an upgrade of the extremely successful Interreg project “Nanoregion”.