The Quantum Technology Programme QT Future wishes to express our profound gratitude to Prof. Alexei and Marina Kitaev for their generous donation. This significant contribution, steeped in a shared vision of pioneering breakthroughs in quantum technology, stands as a testament to his commitment to the growth and development of this cutting-edge field.

Thanks to Prof. Alexei and Marina Kitaev’s benevolence, a new generation of researchers in Slovenia will have the chance to immerse themselves in the wonder and promise of quantum technology. The funds will be utilized primarily to support PhD students – a strategic investment that will undoubtedly yield dividends in the form of innovative research and ground-breaking advancements.

By fostering the talents of our PhD students, we hope to propel Slovenia and the world at large into the future of quantum technology. The opportunity granted by Prof. Alexei and Marina Kitaev’s generosity will provide the fuel for our students to reach the heights of their potential, laying the foundation for a future where the boundaries of quantum technology are continually expanded and redefined.

Once again, our deepest appreciation goes to Prof. Alexei and Marina Kitaev. Their support for the Quantum Technology Programme QT Future exemplifies the philanthropic spirit that can push the boundaries of human knowledge. It is contributions like these that make the seemingly impossible possible and turn dreams into reality.


Quantum Technology Programme QT Future, Slovenia.
Dedicated to the future of quantum technologies