Nanocenter contributed to the results published as “A comparative study of nanolaminate CrN/Mo2N and CrN/W2N as hard and corrosion resistant coatings” in the journal Surface&Coating Technology (455, 2023, 129209, )

A major concern in the manufacturing industries is the constant need to support the increasing demand of finished products, which requires higher processing speed and a steady increase in production rate. With this in mind a major goal of the present work is to provide a solid rationale of the analogies and differences observed for the two sets of nanolayered coatings presented (CrN/Mo2N and CrN/W2N). The obtained mechanical and electrochemical results are discussed in terms of grain size, residual stress and texture of the constituent materials.

FIB-SEM, HR-TEM, XRD structural analysis, Vicers nanoindentation, Rockwell-C test and Potentiodynamic results are presented.

The proposed method is of general applicability and constitutes a valid approach aiming to the correlation between design, structure, and performances of functional multilayer coatings.