PLD (Pulsed Laser Deposition) chamber and corresponding equipment.
Manufacturer: TSST B.V.
Year: 2012

The equipment was financed from EU funds (ERDF funds) in the operation Center of Excellence in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology – CENN Nanocenter 2010-2013.

Pulse laser application is a technique for preparing thin layers of predominantly inorganic nature. The supplied system is intended for layer-by-layer growth and thus enables the preparation of high-quality thin layers and structuring at the nanoscopic level. The system is equipped with the following main components:

  • Heating stand for laser and resistance heating of substrates,
  • target stand with line mode,
  • antechamber for transfer of samples and targets,
  • high-pressure reflective high-energy electron diffraction,
  • upgrade with UHV pumps (titanium sublimation pump, ion pump),
  • oxygen plasma source,
  • dust source (1 x 1.3 ”target),
  • acceptor position with transfer rod.

A KrF excimer laser with an energy of up to 700 mJ per pulse and a maximum pulse rate of 50 Hz is used to remove material from the target. An attenuator is used to set the laser energy, and a camera is used to diagnose it.

Responsible person: dr. Matjaz Spreitzer, +386 (0) 1 477 3705,
Equipment location: laboratories at the Department of Modern Materials, Jožef Stefan Institute, Jamova 39, 1000 Ljubljana
Required level of knowledge: by agreement with the responsible person
Equipment reservation: by arrangement with the responsible person