4-probe UHV STM/SEM microscopy system
Manufacturer: Oxford Instruments Omicron NanoScience
Year: 2013

Financed from EU (ESRD) funds from the operation Center of Excellence in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology –  CENN Nanocenter 2010 – 2013.
The 4-probe STM UHV (LT Nanoprobe UHV System from Omicron Nanotechnology GmbH) system is a powerful microscopy system designed for characterization and processing of thin films and nanostructures. Microscope stage combines 4 probes that act as tips for atomic resolution scanning tunnelling microscopy and one of them can also perform atomic force microscopy. To facilitate better control and positioning over probes and the sample and to perform basic electron microscopy, a scanning electron microscope is installed above the chamber. The system enables precise 4-point measurements of electronic transport and nanostructure manipulation.

The main microscope components are:

  • UHC chamber with microscope stage and a caroussel with space for 10 probes and samples, and a system for cooling the sample below 5 K,
  • sample preparation chamber,
  • loadlock for probe and sample transfer and a caroussel with space for 10 probes and samples,
  • electron column and electronics for scanning electron microscopy,
  • turbomolecular pump, titan sublimation pump, two ion pumps and pressure gauges for vacuum control,
  • electronics for positioning and microscopy with STM probes and transport measurements,
  • optical access for laser to enable in-situ femtosecond spectroscopy measurements.
4-probe STM UHV system

Presentation by the manufacturer: http://www.omicron.de/en/products/lt-nanoprobe/instrument-concept

Some of our 4-probe STM UHV results: https://www.scientaomicron.com/en/result-of-the-month/129

Responsible person: prof. dr. Dragan Mihailović, dragan.mihailovic@ijs.si
Equipment location: C010 laboratory at Complex matter department, Jozef Stefan Institute, Jamova 39, 1000 Ljubljana
Requested level of experience: to be discussed with responsible person
Equipment reservation: to be discussed with responsible person