Gas Composition in Vacua

Hiden Analytical offer an extensive range of quadrupole residual gas analysers for diverse vacuum applications through the pressure range from millibar through to extreme high vacuum(XHV). The catalog…
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Does public transportation encourage suburban sprawl?

11.04.14 – The Zurich public transportation authority wants to improve access to downtown Zurich for those living in the suburbs. There will be a variety of impacts on the urban landscape.

If city dwellers could get downtown quickly, would more

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Researchers develop method to detect molecular-scale movements relevant for fine touch

Researchers have developed a system with which molecular-scale mechanical stimuli can be exerted on a single cell.
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Recipe for star formation

Researchers develop a model to reconstruct spatial structure of molecule clouds
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Nanotech Business Review 2013-2014

The Nanotech Business Review 2013-2014 provides comprehensive analysis of nanomaterials, markets, products and news from December 2012-February 2014 covering all the major breakthroughs and commercial…
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