The brain communicates on several channels

The human brain uses several frequency bands for the flow of information between lower and higher areas
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Scientists synthesize nanoparticles that can deliver tumor suppressors to damaged livers

UT Southwestern Medical Center chemists have successfully used synthetic nanoparticles to deliver tumor-suppressing therapies to diseased livers with cancer, an important hurdle scientists have been s…
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Understanding speech not just a matter of believing one’s ears

Researchers discover how the brain completes sentences
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Deep Space Industries teams with UTIAS Space Flight Laboratory to demonstrate autonomous spacecraft maneuvering: SFL and DSI demonstrate enabling technology for low-cost asteroid missions and constellations

The world’s first demonstration of autonomous spacecraft maneuvering was recently completed by Silicon Valley-based Deep Space Industries (DSI) and the Space Flight Laboratory (SFL) of Toronto, Canada…
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Producing electrical power with cardboard, tape, and a pencil

25.01.16 – A small device made from everyday materials can generate enough energy to power several diodes. This clever discovery by an EPFL postdoctoral student was presented yesterday at a global conference on micro- and nano- systems in Shanghai.


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