How stars grow into heavyweights

Astronomers find a stable disk around a young, massive sun
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Onion-like layers help this efficient new nanoparticle glow: A dye-coated surface is 1 of 3 specially crafted layers that help the particle emit light ideal for bioimaging

A new, onion-like nanoparticle could open new frontiers in biomaging, solar energy harvesting and light-based security techniques.
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Going back in time to locate short circuits in power grids

10.11.15 – EPFL researchers have come up with a method to determine the exact location of short circuits in a power grid. This is an important step towards operating complex power grid topologies that enable the massive integration of renewable

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The life story of stem cells

A model analyses the development of stem cell numbers in the human body
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World Record in Nano 3D Printing Technology

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