When Emotions Control Objects

20.10.14 – Dimming a light, immersive playing on a computer, and tracking yoga exercises in real time – sensors developed by SmartCardia use various vital signs to transmit data to a host of everyday objects.

The SmartCardia device can be

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Crystallizing the DNA nanotechnology dream

Scientists have designed the first large DNA crystals with precisely prescribed depths and complex 3D features, which could create revolutionary nanodevices.

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Non-Toxic Nanocatalysts Open New Window for Significant Decrease in Reaction Process

The most important achievement of the researchers was to introduce a non-toxic and cheap nanocatalyst through a simple production method to increase the efficiency and to significantly decrease the r…
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Plastic nanoparticles also harm freshwater organisms

Organisms can be negatively affected by plastic nanoparticles, not just in the seas and oceans but in freshwater bodies too. These particles slow the growth of algae, cause deformities in water fleas…
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Hot explosions on the cool sun

Data from the space telescope IRIS show that the temperature distribution within the Sun’s outer layers can occasionally turns topsy turvy 
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