The sun – a mercurial star

The Sun is the Earth’s principal source of energy and climate driver. Yet sometimes it sends more light to the Earth than other times. Astronomers  at the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research take these fluctuations in solar

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Studies find $1 test using gold nanoparticles outperforms PSA screen for prostate cancer: Cancer biomarkers cling to gold nanoparticles, providing more accurate early-stage detection

A test that costs less than a $ 1 and yields results in minutes has been shown in newly published studies to be more sensitive and more exact than the current standard test for early-stage prostate can…
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Nano-GaN Power Electronic Devices project to convert energy more efficiently

Tyndall National Institute has partnered with US and Northern Irish research institutes to secure 1 million euros in funding to develop new ways of harnessing converted electricity. The Nano-GaN Power Electronic Devices project has the potential to have a global

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Artificial crystal: Magnetism in World Cup fever

Rydberg atoms can be used to produce magnetic crystals in an optical lattice
Max Planck Society – Research

Camera chip provides superfine 3-D resolution: New imaging technology fits on a tiny chip and, from a distance, can form a high-resolution 3-dimensional image of an object on the scale of micrometers

Imagine you need to have an almost exact copy of an object. Now imagine that you can just pull your smartphone out of your pocket, take a snapshot with its integrated 3-D imager, send it to your 3-D p…
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