Making organs transparent to improve nanomedicine (video)

Treating a disease without causing side effects is one of the big promises of nanoparticle technology. But fulfilling it remains a challenge. One of the obstacles is that researchers have a hard time…
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Microwaved nanoribbons may bolster oil and gas wells: Rice University researchers microwave a composite to toughen wellbore walls

Wellbores drilled to extract oil and gas can be dramatically reinforced with a small amount of modified graphene nanoribbons added to a polymer and microwaved, according to Rice University researchers…
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Whispering gallery modes to control artificial atoms for quantum computing

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Performing cellular surgery with a laser-powered nanoblade

To study certain aspects of cells, researchers need the ability to take the innards out, manipulate them, and put them back. Options for this kind of work are limited, but researchers reporting May 10…
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Bacterial Individualism: A Survival Strategy for Hard Times

10.05.16 – No two bacteria are identical – even when they are genetically the same. A new study reveals the conditions under which bacteria become individualists and how they help their group grow when times get tough.

Whether you are

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