Mode of action of new multiple sclerosis drug discovered

Dimethyl fumarate inhibits inflammatory cell infiltration of the central nervous system through blockade of a specific receptor
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A*STAR’s Simtech collaboration agreements to accelerate the growth and development of the microfluidics industry

The Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech) has inked three collaboration agreements that will play a part in speeding up the growth and development of the microfluidics industry. Th…
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*1st of April* Hollow chamber within Matterhorn worries geologists

01.04.14 – ** 1st of April 2014 – see you next year for a new April’s fool!** The Matterhorn’s days are numbered. Although populations are not in danger, scientists warn that its predicted collapse could occur at any moment.


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Bruker Announces the SkyScan 2211 Multiscale High-Resolution X-Ray Nanotomograph

With the SkyScan 2211, for the first time one single instrument is capable of non-destructive scanning and 3D reconstruction of internal microstructures of large objects, as well as providing submicron resolution for small samples.
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The neanderthal in us

Contemporary Europeans have as many as three times more Neanderthal variants in genes involved in lipid catabolism than Asians and Africans
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