A formula for preventing power outages

The search for power lines that constitute the weaker links of the grid is set to become simpler
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Researchers create perfect nanoscrolls from graphene’s imperfect form

Water filters of the future may be made from billions of tiny, graphene-based nanoscrolls. Each scroll, made by rolling up a single, atom-thick layer of graphene, could be tailored to trap specific mo…
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Nexthink raises 40 million dollars

14.04.16 – EPFL spin-off Nexthink has just completed a round of fundraising that brought in 40 million dollars. The company, which specializes in analytical solutions for IT systems, plans to expand its R&D activities and go after the US market

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Hunger shifts sensory perception in the fish brain

Neurobiologists show how satiety may influence decisions
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Electrons slide through the hourglass on surface of bizarre material

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