Air bubbles could keep rivers open for shipping

15.04.15 – Researchers at EPFL have shown how air bubbles could keep sediments from obstructing bends in river waterways such as the Rhine River, which has to be dredged regularly to stay open for freight ships.

The Rhine River is

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Nanostructures: customized carbon

A new synthesis method produces novel nanostructures from carbon
Max Planck Society – Research

Making carboxyl(ate) friends

When it comes to supramolecular chemistry, the carboxylic acid group – and its conjugate carboxylate base – is one of the chemist’s most flexible friends. In pairs, they act as supramolecular synthons from which more complicated structures might be built

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Scientists create invisible objects without metamaterial cloaking

Physicists from ITMO University, Ioffe Institute and Australian National University managed to make homogenous cylindrical objects completely invisible in the microwave range. Contrary to the now prev…
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Open road to the circuit diagram of the brain

Staining method brings the reconstruction of all nerve cells and their connections within reach
Max Planck Society – Research