Researchers demonstrate first large-scale graphene fabrication

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Graphene enables tunable microwave antenna

Graphene antennae in the microwave part of the spectrum can be tuned by an applied voltage. This is the latest result, published in the renown physics journal Applied Physics Letters, by a pan-Europea…
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A Nano-transistor Assesses Your Health Via Sweat

15.05.15 – Made from state-of-the-art silicon transistors, an ultra-low power sensor enables real-time scanning of the contents of liquids such as perspiration. Compatible with advanced electronics, this technology boasts exceptional accuracy – enough to manufacture mobile sensors that monitor health.

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Quasar quartet puzzles scientists

Astronomers must rethink models about the development of large-scale cosmic structures
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Iran Unveils New Home-Made Medicines, Nanotechnology Products

Iran on Tuesday unveiled three new home-made drugs used to treat people with acute kidney problems, a nanotechnology mask and a water treatment system.
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