Children are not for sale

Intercountry adoption as a field of conflict: the absence of market characteristics
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A golden thread through the labyrinth of nanomaterials

The LICARA guidelines are geared towards small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from all branches of industry, and help weigh up the pros and cons of nanomaterials and make decisions on their use….
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“JPEG changed our world”

12.12.14 – JPEG is the image format we use the most in the world, be it in our computers, smartphones or digital cameras. But it is actually more than that. JPEG is also an international group of experts, which recently

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High tech at a lofty height

A 325-metre-high climate research tower is being built in the Amazon rainforest
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Nanoshaping method points to future manufacturing technology

Large Scale Nanoshaping of Ultrasmooth 3D Crystalline Metallic Structures

Huang Gao1,3,*, Yaowu Hu1,3,*, Yi Xuan2,3,*, Ji Li1,3, Yingling Yang1,3, Ramses V. Martinez4,5, Chunyu Li3,6, Jian Luo…
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