Partial solar eclipse over Germany

In the morning of March 20th you can view this impressive natural phenomenon using special eye protection
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Spot treatment: Researchers use the latest in nanotechnology and transdermal drug delivery to take on an old problem: Acne

Acne, a scourge of adolescence, may be about to meet its ultra high-tech match. By using a combination of ultrasound, gold-covered particles and lasers, researchers from UC Santa Barbara and the priva…
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New 3D imaging technology for living cells

19.03.15 – NanoLive, an EPFL spin-off, has brought to the market a new MRI-like microscope and software that can “see” living cells without any previous processing. The start-up just won the 2015 Pionierpreis.

The major limitation of microscopy is light

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Protein is the clue to solving a Darwinian mystery

Bone collagen sequences prove that South American native ungulates are closely related to horses, rhinos and tapirs but not to elephants
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Light as puppeteer: Controlling particles with light and microfibers

Researchers at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST) have demonstrated a more robust method for controlling single, micron-sized particles with light.

Nanotechnology Now Recent News