Holocaust survivors pass on trauma to their children’s genes

Pre-conception trauma results in transmission of epigenetic changes from the exposed parents to their children
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A little light interaction leaves quantum physicists beaming

A team of physicists at the University of Toronto (U of T) have taken a step toward making the essential building block of quantum computers out of pure light. Their advance, described in a paper publ…
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Graphene oxide’s secret properties revealed at atomic level: A research team found that graphene oxide’s inherent defects give rise to a surprising mechanical property

Since its discovery, graphene has captured the attention of scientists and engineers for its many extraordinary properties. But graphene oxide — an oxidized derivative of graphene — largely has been…
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Could urban disorder give way to sustainability?

24.08.15 – An EPFL researcher is modeling cities in order to understand their metabolism and determine their ecological impact when they grow and change. Her research is aimed at identifying the urban form that is most efficient and consumes the

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Superconductivity: No resistance at record temperatures

Hydrogen sulfide loses its electrical resistance under high pressure at minus 70 degrees Celsius
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