Open road to the circuit diagram of the brain

Staining method brings the reconstruction of all nerve cells and their connections within reach
Max Planck Society – Research

Optogenetics: Sodium pump could act as light switch

The structure of the light-driven ion pump KR2 may provide a blueprint for new optogenetic tools
Max Planck Society – Research

The sun – a mercurial star

The Sun is the Earth’s principal source of energy and climate driver. Yet sometimes it sends more light to the Earth than other times. Astronomers  at the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research take these fluctuations in solar

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Artificial crystal: Magnetism in World Cup fever

Rydberg atoms can be used to produce magnetic crystals in an optical lattice
Max Planck Society – Research

Diving electrons

Findings on how electrons are solvated in water widen the range of potential influences on chemical reactions
Max Planck Society – Research