Training atoms

Single atoms can’t be grasped through everyday experience: even a drop of water or a microorganism is made up of countless numbers of them. But Gerhard Rempe, Director at the Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics in Garching, uses single

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One of the last strongholds for Western chimpanzees

Liberia is home to the second largest chimpanzee population in West Africa
Max Planck Society – Research

A cancer protein’s journey to cell membrane

KRas moves between various membranes within the cell, so that it is available in a sufficient quantity at its actual destination
Max Planck Society – Research

Recipe for star formation

Researchers develop a model to reconstruct spatial structure of molecule clouds
Max Planck Society – Research

Computing with a quantum trick

With a quantum gate Max Planck physicists are developing an essential logic element for quantum computers
Max Planck Society – Research